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Web design is what as a service we offer to you at a fair price, even very cheap. Whether you want to create a personal site or a site for your company, you are at the right place for web design. If you already have a site in one of the outdated Internet technologies, web site design is significantly easier and you can get a very fast site in the latest Internet technology, which includes: HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design, which will make it a nice visible on mobile devices and on all other devices for viewing Internet (smartphones, tablets, desktops). Responsive web design is the trend number 1 in the world of Internet technologies, which provides web development.

Creating a site with us, will give you the opportunity to choose the responsive web design of your site, which will make anyone satisfied with quality of our web sites. Development of the site depending on the size of your presentation can be different take. For small presentation making the site can be done in 5-7 days, while for larger web site may take a month or more.
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 Web Design

Web design is as stated above is performed in the latest technology of making web sites. HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design will help make your site better ranked in the results of Google and other Internet search engines. Google give more price and better ranks to responsive sites, compared to sites that have a mobile version, or mobile applications. In addition, creation of web responsiv design is cheaper, maintenance costs are lower, which makes responsive web design very popular.
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 Help & Support

Web sites that we develop are with our support and after assemblies. Contact us if you need to update your site content, change the look of the site, do to better your site ranks in the results of Google and other Internet search engines or want a different kind of our help. For all sites we provide basic SEO optimization for search engines, but for better ranking our job may include writing content, and customizing the content of your presentation in the preparation of the site.
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 Web Design Price

The cost of producing website is promotional, and as such very reasonable and cheap with us. The MINI suite of web site design is possible for only 60 euros. For mid-size requirements of MIDI package creating a website can be done for 150 euros, while for those growing demands from MAX package price of creating a web site is from 300 euros and up. We believe that you will choose the most suitable package for you, and you'll be very pleased with the results and cost. For information about the services included in the above mentioned packages, download the price list of web design.
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